Guide to Finding Legally Free EBooks and Scholarly Research

Like to Read? Want to find great free eBooks?

EBooks have the advantage of being easily portable. You can read them using an app on your smartphone or a dedicated eReader. This extensively updated guide is primarily an annotated list of sites that offer legally free eBooks and audio books. It is intended for both those who are new to eBooks and those who simply want new sources for free eBooks. The tips section of the Guide includes choosing the correct eBook format (and converting between formats if needed), troubleshooting common eBook related problems, using your library to check out eBooks, creating eBooks from wikis, finding eBook recommendations, and the best ways to search for eBooks once you are on the eBook site.

The Guide is divided into chapters including General Collections, Specialty Archives, eBook Directories, and Scholarly and Academic Collections to help you quickly find the perfect eBook. EBook annotations include subject categories (ie science-fiction), eBook format(s), and search and browsing options available on each site. Numerous non-fiction categories include biographies, cooking, finance, health, history, internet, medicine, peer-reviewed journals, programming, religion, sheet music, and web design. Some of these eBooks are suitable for academic research. Fiction categories include adventure, drama, fantasy, mystery, romance, science-fiction, short stories, thrillers, and westerns.

Downloadable Formats: PDF | AZW3 (Kindle and Kindle apps) | ePub (iBooks, Nook, Sony)

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